A practical collection of everyday Web Components

Getting started
Fake periodic table of elements

A curated library of reusable Custom elements at an atomic level

Carefully crafted with web standards and accessibility in mind, these custom HTML elements cover the web developer everyday needs. Simply put, these are the 'atomic parts' that will make up your application. Think of them as a system of component blueprints that are easily styled and changed to fit the needs of your applications. Bosonic Elements are composable and interoperable with frameworks & libraries built with evergreen browsers in mind.

A high altitude balloon

A lightweight platform

Built on top of the web components polyfill library, Bosonic provides a very thin layer of syntactic sugar that eases the burden of working with Web Components primitives.

An Enterprise-class spaceship entering a wormhole

A future-proof solution

With Web Component standards being implemented progressively in modern browsers, our elements' already good performance will get even better.

Browser Support

Please note that we have plans (and code, just not released yet) to vastly improve browser support, At some point, we are planning to support Internet Explorer 9 (IE9).

Firefox 35+

Chrome 35+

IE 10+

Safari 7+

Opera 12+